Green Dope

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It’s Mendo Dope x Tropical Sleigh Ride

Green Dope strain is a vigorous growing, strong outdoor plant and has delicious flavors of pineapples, mango, orange and grapes.

12 REG Souvenir Seeds

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It’s Mendo Dope x Tropical Sleigh Ride

5 reviews for Green Dope

  1. Marianna

    Is there any of these seeds that are feminized

    • Allyn Carrigan


  2. Shakeman420 (verified owner)

    i’m excited for the strain! The Green dope project and Planters of the trees is awesome!

  3. cwboy306 (verified owner)

    Order arrived and Appreciate it very much.
    Thank you Nerds

  4. Justyn Mcguire (verified owner)

    Super fast germination so far…very pleased. I already had 2 open up and start reaching for the lights in only 42 hours.

  5. Justyn Mcguire (verified owner)

    Within 3 days, All seeds germinated and are over a half-inch tall and very happy. Straight in the soil. ✌

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