It’s Mendo Dope

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Locomotion x Querkle

Large buds, fruity aromas of grapes, oranges and lemons. Around half of the phenos show the pink/purple hair trait.

10 REG Souvenir Seeds

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Locomotion x Querkle

2 reviews for It’s Mendo Dope

  1. LK

    We had excellent luck with these seeds!! Our plants were vigorous and they grew well in our humid
    climate and were mold resistant. We had buds
    about the size of a baseball bat! Lol…literally!
    UPS man came by one day and could smell it…
    he said it was the best he had ever smelled! Dispensaries around here have told us it’s the best outdoor bud they have seen and testers have told us it’s the best medical they have smoked period. The smell and the taste is amazing! Also, all seeds popped with over 70% being female. Needless to say we are back for lots more this year!

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    Fantastic! All 10 popped using my usual methods shot out of the soil. Doing other packs of well known breeders at the same time and the amazing growth of these blew doors on the rest. Still in early veg and the uniform shape, growth and size is really a quality you do not get in a pack nowadays. Definitely going to have to grab another pack. Look for a journal as I’ve already started collecting pics of these solid 10 .

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