Long Valley Sleigh Ride

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Tropical Sleigh Ride x Long Valley Royal Kush

High terpene levels, mold resistant and heavy producer.

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9 reviews for Long Valley Sleigh Ride

  1. Pheno farm seeds

    Packs all sold out please keep a brother in the loop when there’s more packs pleasee I’m loving the sound of the tropical sleighride terps on some kush , I’m a die hard Canadian grower in need of some real terps on a mould resistant frame please help please

    • Allyn Carrigan

      We have more now.

  2. J

    Looks like I was late to this yet again. When will there be more in stock?

    • Allyn Carrigan

      Yes there is at least 3 in stock now.

  3. HerbalDreamin

    Anymore available?

    • Allyn Carrigan

      Yes on back order and be restocking asap

  4. Chad Calhoun

    Any more comming soon?

    • Allyn Carrigan

      Not in the near future.

  5. Graham Bell (verified owner)

    Grew out this strain for 2020 great structure, solid nugs, no mold and I am in southeast, hot and humid.
    Unfortunately got only 1 female as I only popped 3 seeds. Males were beasts. Made many f2s for next year.

    Very unique smell on the terpenes. Never smelled before. Great taste, but probably around 16% THC.
    Indoors now after 4 weeks, super resinous. will let you know.

    Curious why no more reviews

  6. Randal Holbrook

    I need a good heafty producing strain thats mold resistance is great and fairly easy to grow. Something that will keep me busy, a perfect wake up strain that last. Something full of laughs and euphoria thats out of this world. And if it wouldn’t take all year to finish it would be the greatest thing ever. Can you hook me up with some seeds like that. Ive been searching far and wide and have been burned a few times. Please, if you can help me with this ill be in debt to you for ever.

  7. Curtis J Proffitt

    Please let us know when back in stock!!!

  8. Marcus Roberts

    Lmk when in stalk.Thank you

  9. pharmfreshnc (verified owner)

    update to my comment above. Long valley sleigh ride won our cup. Check it out at:


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