Mama’s Cheeze

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Mama’s Cheeze DNA testing verifies direct & intentional lineage to U.K. Cheeze & New York Diesel. For many moons, Patrick King has been stabilizing this cultivar to consistently deliver the best qualities available. Dense resinous flower that produces cheese, funk & gas notes with a hint of sweetness. These genetics thrive whether grown indoors, greenhouse or outdoors… but its ability to produce “Redwood trees with pineapples” is renowned! The bred-in, heavy, lateral branching means this cultivar REALLY shines at producing MONSTER plants & buds! When Patrick was looking for a proper name for his creation, he created a “Name the strain” contest, where “Mama’s Cheeze” was chosen as an homage to the loving relationship Patrick King shared with his mother.

Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

12 REG Souvenir Seeds

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4 reviews for Mama’s Cheeze

  1. Stoner dave (verified owner)

    we ordered our first packs in may and we had great germination on the seeds. Just ordered more and they arrived fast!. wish there was a way to post pictures these plants are beautiful. We love Soil King genetics ~ “Redwood trees with pineapples”

  2. Jonathan

    We bought your Seed 2 Soul Ice Cream Cake two Prerolls and Won three seeds of Mamas Cheeze… amazing cant wait to plant these babies…

  3. Shakeman420 (verified owner)

    Redwood trees with pineapples!!! Changing the world one plant at a time.

  4. Mrgreenthumb

    Yeah lets all grow big trees with pineapples love ya work PAT

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