Mz Jill Genetics – Jilly Bean Lime 5 Pack

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Chernobyl (Golden Ticket/Slymer) x Jilly Bean

5 Pack Regular Seeds

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Chernobyl (Golden Ticket/Slymer) x Jilly Bean

Smell- Sweet lemon-lime candy.

Flavor- She tastes just like a bowl full of lime and lemon jelly beans.

Appearance- She is a medium to tall plant. Her foliage can range from bright green to many shades of burgundy to almost black. She has medium to large spear spaded resinous buds with orange hair, sometimes the buds will also take on shades of burgundy to purple.

Effects- She has a euphoric, happy, bubbly, uplifting giggly high. She is said to make a great aphrodisiac  Good for light pain easing menstrual cramps. She is amazing for PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress. May relieve ADD,  ADHD and schizophrenia.

High Times Top Ten (2007), High Times Best Sativa (2014), The Adam Dunn Show Invitational (ADSI) 1st Place (2018).

5 Pack Regular Seeds


3 reviews for Mz Jill Genetics – Jilly Bean Lime 5 Pack

  1. Billy Summers (verified owner)

    Great shipping time like always got to me in less than a week no hassle on ordering or payment these guys and gals are always on point with customer service alot of other banks make the process pretty difficult in my experience 10/10

  2. Billy Summers (verified owner)

    Giants at 6 weeks from seed most vigorus ive ever came across 7 out if 10 are fems

  3. Billy (verified owner)

    Found 3 different phenos 2 phenos thinner leaves but short and bushy smells of lime candy 2 are a bit taller. And thicker with wider leaves smells like lime candy then theres one. Thats the perfect blend of structure of the first 2 sweet lime candy indica style leaves short and bushy and one is structured like the tall thick one but has a grape fuel with a sour lime candy

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